Explosion flattens security headquarters in eastern Libyan city

A strong explosion ripped through the main police building in Benghazi early Friday, nearly flattening it, days after Islamic militias overran army barracks and claimed control of the eastern Libyan city.

Severed human leg found at Dublin recycling plant; police search for rest of body

A severed leg has been found at a Dublin recycling plant, and police are searching trash for the rest of the body.

Pope slips out of Vatican for another surprise luncheon, visiting fellow Jesuits on feast day

Maybe Pope Francis is getting tired of the food in the Vatican hotel.

Slovenia ex-premier granted prison furlough for parliament session amid divisions over seat

Slovenian ex-Prime Minister Janez Jansa has been granted a brief prison furlough to attend the country’s first parliamentary session after he won a seat in last month’s election.

Former UN official charged with anti-Semitism, now California academic, takes on Israel in Gaza

Richard Falk, the notorious former United Nations human rights official who was widely castigated for his anti-Semitic statements and aggressively anti-Israeli stance before finally leaving office in May, is at it again.

Prosecutors file quick appeal after judge says convicted French rogue trader can go free

A Frenchman convicted of one of history’s biggest trading frauds was accorded a conditional release from prison — only to have freedom denied with a quick appeal by the prosecutor’s office.

Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise on its way to Amsterdam after Russia releases it

Greenpeace International says a ship held by Russian authorities for nearly a year has been released and is on its way back to the Netherlands.

Gaza Cease-Fire Dies Premature Death, Hamas-Israel Fighting Resumes

A 72-hour ceasefire deal announced jointly by the U.S. and the U.N., and agreed upon by Hamas and Israel on Thursday, has reportedly come to a premature end.

The failure of the fragile truce resulted in the deaths of at least 40 people while dozens more were injured in Israeli tank shelling in the southern part of the Gaza Strip on Friday, according to media reports.

Poland honors fighters on 70th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising against Nazi Germans

On the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, Poland is honoring the fighters and victims of the rebellion against Nazi Germans by laying wreaths, sounding sirens and singing insurgent tunes.

European powers started the Great War a century ago _ underestimating the tragedies ahead

British Pvt. John Parr set off on his reconnaissance bike on the lookout for German troops amid the rolling farmland and woods south of Brussels in August 1914.